Salt & Sugar Free

This page is salt and sugar free but still will have lots of spices .Spices about Life.Apart from salt and sugar the spices from the real life rules our world....Which makes us feel different and lands up in different world at every stage of our Life..i like this image about different moods so sharing it here...This page is about everything and anything which we feel before and after eating food..

White rice Vs Brown Rice ...Just read this article so wanted to share it here....good piece of info..Obviously Brown rice wins...though we can't live without the Biryani's and Pulaos...but Rajma Chawal , Kadhi chawal, chole chawal, we can replace white with brown...though we always want to change the color from brown to white ..hehe..but this time its brown preferable over white more healthy,full of fiber and the right choice.

Motherhood and ......much more

My Darling daughter .. she is 20 months now and the experience all through has been stupendo fantabulously fantastic, i mean she is the God's best gift in our life and we both love her to the utmost.I would like to use a line i heard somewhere the other day "It feels like your heart is walking outside your body"..and everyone who has become a Mom can only understand this feeling as u say the moment a baby is born ,Mother is born .

You know during the time when i was pregnant i thought how would i cope up ,how would i share my love between my husband and my baby.How would we get some spare time out and just so many If's and But's ...but since the moment she was born my entire world , everything seems just revolving around my baby and i am loving it , though we manage stealing some cozy time together when my sweetheart takes a nap ;) ;)...

Starting from Day 1 , the best moment in my life when she was born...The moment she was born the nurse cleaned and wrapped her in a blanket and gave her in my hands i kept my fingers in her little hands ,her tiny eyes were not wide opened yet, i kissed her and whispered in her ears I love you .

And with each passing day i m loving her even more and more and even she is returning it in the form of her dimple smile and being so naughty and troubling me by not drinking milk and not eating.Ufff ,it reminds me of the time when she was 6months old she gave me a hard time in feeding her with bottles ..Oh My God just cant tell you ,How difficult it was ,i never remember even once when she would have finished a 4oz milk bottle ..Imagine ! And then came the time to start foodies and still the same ,a real bad eater and i am after her the whole day trying all varieties which i keep asking from some lucky Moms (babies eat nicely).Why isn't she eating ?What else can i do ?So all the moms who think and give their best and want their kiddo to eat healthy lemme know if you do anything different?Some more recipes please ?

But the answer to all and the best thing which i have learnt in this due course of time is Think and explore and then try and try ...this is the funda that i apply for my DD and i am not always a failure i do succeed at times ,those lucky days are the time when i feel like i won a lottery ticket.So just keep trying.

And my Facebook status reads today:

"Parents can never win food struggles with a child, so save your strength for other battles"

Women Rock the world..The journey of a woman from a daughter-sister-girlfriend -wife -and then being the most important role of a Mother.. what needs to make every relation success is a big question which has different answers for different ppl, and how can we miss saying in between these roles the role of a sister in law and daughter in law..
To make life happy ,if not every then most of these relationships have to be a success and what takes in making it work is mutual understanding and true love....don't know what but i guess everyone will have to find their own formula which applies only to them.

Motherhood can't imagine myself writing about being a Mother but actually i am doing it right now..its such a wonderful feeling it is not sumthing untold or unheard but still its so new and such a unique experience for every women.Before going any further this zzzzz is for so many sleepless nights to follow so let me catch up wth my sleep and will get bk to u on this with fresh mind and open eyes..

Ok so finally i got some time and i am back , you know these days i am giving lot of advices to some of my lovely friends who are to be Mothers and are enjoying their pregnancy so what to eat and what not, which test to go for which is optional, what is safe and what not and the most loved of all Shopping..what to shop for the new born ,what size ?how much ? what not to forget and what can be spared for future shopping..

So thought of writing it down the things which i have learned over the course of time from my Family n friends:

Starting from the most loved and favorite of all Shopping,One of my fav store for baby shopping is BabiesRus in US,its awesome do chk it out once ,Moving on this is the list which was of great help to me and hope it would be for others too so here it goes:
  1. Diapers and Wipes ( New Born Pampers Diapers,Pampers sensitive for new born -I love it)
  2. Body Wash ( Johnson and Johnson -No tear Head to toe (You can use the same for cleaning bottles initially)
  3. Baby Body cream(J&J )
  4. Baby Diaper rash cream(Desitin is the best or Rash free(In India)
  5. Baby Oil(J&J for massage)
  6. Bath Tub ( Fisher price with mat or any local brand will work fine too)
  7. Ear buds and alcohol for removing the cord( they give alcohol wipes in hospital)
  8. Olive oil(some babies get red rashes from olive oil mine did so i haven't used it again but can try )
  9. Baby inner wear(0-3 month, Onesies are too gud and must essential)
  10. Baby sleep and play(that's a dress, better to buy the one which are open ended instead of the closed ones )
  11. Baby caps and socks
  12. Baby blanket and receiving blankets
  13. Baby towel- buy a hooded one
  14. Baby bottles (Dr brown to reduce colic ,buy 0-3 months, but cleaning is really tough, Dnt worry u can do it or Try Avent bottles)
  15. Bib(at least 4-5 though i never used mine coz my baby never liked wrapping it around her neck)
  16. Pacifiers(If u want some relief time though its a bad habit)
  17. Diaper bag
  18. Bottle cleaner brush.(Any brand will do the job)
  19. Baby Nail cutter or set with all accessories(Walmart/Babies R US) Baby digital thermometer. They have 3-in 1 like pacifier for mouth, one for arms n 3rd rectal.
  20. Plastic Sheets (So you can massage the baby and let him free and save ur bedsheet too )
  21. Gripe water(You can buy it in Indian stores, To use if the baby have any gastric issues)
  22. Warmers and Leggings if you have a winter baby.( if possible get it from India or you can get in GAP stores)
Hope it will be of some help to "TO BE LOVELY MOMS" ..Happy Parenting and i will be back with more tips n tricks..:).and don't forget to watch and read what to expect when you are expecting...