Monday, August 15, 2011

Mango Nutty Roll -Jai Ho

Wishing all Indians  around the world a very Happy Independence day ...And as my Facbeook message reads today..Jo bhi Ho Jaisa bhi ho,Corruption or fighting against Anticorruption bills, We Love India..Jai Ho !!!

This day actually reminds of those days in school when we use to wait for Flag Hosting and standing attentive on our National Anthem and marching in Parades,Though times have changed but somethings never change and that is the love and Pride for your Nation.Saare Jahan se atcha Hindustan Hamara.....India is so diverse ,so many states and languages our  culture ,tradition,values and much more..So as a tribute to it i made something new and i came up with an idea of Mango Nutty roll ups ..sweet and rich,sweetness of mango and richness of nuts rolled in one symbolizing our Unity in diversity...

  • Aam Papad 
  • 1tsp Butter/Ghee
  • Almonds,Cashews,Pistachios, Phool Makhane chopped
  • 1 tbs Sugar or to taste
  • Few strands of Saffron

  1. Heat Ghee/butter in a pan and add the nuts and roast them while stirring.
  2. Now add sugar to it and stir it for a min and remove it from heat. 
  3. Press them with a rolling pin  but do not make it into a paste.Keep it little coarse.
  4. Now fill them in aam papad and roll them up.
  5. Decorate with Saffron and refrigate for an hour.Serve chilled.


Indulge said...

Hi Avika;
Nice space you have here. Would you like to be my blog friend. Thanks for dropping me a line.
Love Ash.

Krithi's Kitchen said...

Super tempting.. Happy Independence day to you!

Jay said...

awesome ur presentation dear..:P
Tasty Appetite